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Premium Soft Hip Support Pillow

Premium Soft Hip Support Pillow

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Feel the comfort you have never felt before!

Working more than 12 hours in the office is normal in the modern world, even leaving that aside, sitting is a common habit in your life. Sitting too much has some dangerous side effects on your body. Now feel the ultimate comfort with our soft hip support cushion and feel the comfort you have never felt before.

Made of high-quality polyester and polyurethane, the seat cushion is very soft and ergonomically designed to help your buttocks be completely comfortable, thereby straightening your hip spine and promoting blood circulation. With so much comfort, you can sit for as long as you want,, super relaxed and without damaging your spine.

Easy Solution to Long-Time Sitting Pressure: Stuffed office chair seat cushion features all you need for 8+ hours of seated posture pressure relief when working & traveling. Advanced ergonomic design provides comfy sitting support, also perfect gifts!


Super soft: Heat Responsive Memory Foam & Therapeutic Gel: Our butt cushion pillow is built with 2 ergonomic firm memory foams, plus 1 thick medical grade liquid gel pad for tailbone, lower back pain pressure relief.

Spine straightening: This cushion is so soft that it does not put pressure on your spine making it harmless and relaxing for you, let your back be at peace. Ergonomically designed seat cushions provide maximum support and comfort, while reducing the pressure of tail/tail bone, promoting healthy posture

Long-term use: With its ergonomic design, your buttocks will sit in it completely perfectly, no need to change your position at all so you can easily sit for 12+ hours.

Very convenient: Right for Anyone Need Sitting Comfort: Ideal for Working from Home, Pregnancy, Tasks, Dorm, and School. This applies to women, men, adults, the elderly, and people not heavier than 300 lbs, This gift idea is for anyone on your list!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

More than 6450+ satisfied customers have been provided with a highly functional - Premium Soft Hip Support Pillow.

  • Great value is placed on impeccable customer service that is available 24/7 for all questions and/or complaints.


  •  Standard style:
  •  Size: 42*33cm
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Inner core material: polyurethane
  •  Upgraded style:
  • Size: 38*35cm
  • Fabric: skin-friendly fabric
  • Inner core material: memory foam
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